Staff Level

There are 3 levels of staff members:

  1. Part-Time Minor or Regular
  2. Full-Time
  3. Full-Time Staff Member

Part-time minors work up to 18 hours per week. Scheduling restrictions are set by federal guidelines and minors are restricted to working specific job positions. Part-time regulars work from 1 to 28 hours per week. Scheduling restrictions are accepted.

Full-timer #2 will work between 30 and 40 hours per week. Some scheduling restrictions are accepted.

Full Timer #1 is a staff member able to work 40 hours within a 7-day period. This person is cross-trained in every position. This person is on a pre-set rotating schedule, which combines 5- and 6-day, 40-hour weeks under normal store conditions. This person receives meal benefits, uniform benefits, vacation benefits and works very close with the management team in the store.